Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daily Craft - Needle rolls

I like rolls in general - sushi rolls, bread rolls, jelly rolls.  When it comes to storage for knitting needles and crochet hooks, sewing up a storage roll seems like the obvious choice.  I already have one for my crochet hooks and, after losing my double-pointed knitting needle set, needed to make one for my replacements.  I used some left over fabric from this quilt, and set about making a roll to hold all 15 sets of DPNs.  That's 75 needles!  I didn't really follow a pattern - more eyeballed it using various concepts for needle rolls that I've seen online in various places.

I actually really like how this turned out.  I enjoy the fabrics together and my biggest complaint would be that I misjudged the width of the pocket needed for the largest (size 15) needles.  It ended up being 8" tall by 11.5" wide, so it's also not too bulky when folded.  In that I did slightly misjudge the pocket width, I'm now debating making another one with the proper size pockets for my DPNs and using this roll for my set of circulars.  Do I have too many knitting needles?  Quite possibly...but I need them for sample knitting (or at least that's my excuse!)

I suspect that sewing rolls of this sort could end up being an addiction.  Next thing you know I'll be creating them for make-up, toiletries, jewelry, and who knows what else.  To all you yarnies out there, how do you store your needles/hooks?  

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