Monday, February 13, 2012

Daily Ramblings - Weekend recap

Can't believe I missed Foto Friday!  I was running between my house (waiting for our new fridge) and my in-laws' house where we were depositing the contents of our freezer overnight.

Here's my favorite shot from last week.  Husband's grandmother has been giving me her vintage buttons and this crest just has to be my favorite!

Butt Tons Of Buttons on 365 Project 

Speaking of the new fridge though, check out our new toy!  We didn't have a fancy side-by-side before, and this fits into the space with a quarter inch to spare on either side.  I'm thrilled that we now have an ice/water dispense, that the freezer isn't leaking into the fridge space, that we now have room to put all our frozen foods without having to stack them on top of each other so we can't find anything...

I'm also very glad that I had to take everything out of the old fridge and inspect some of the things that were in there - like the very expired bottle of BBQ sauce, or some other things that could now pass as pickled (despite that not being the original intent).  Note to better about finding things that may be lurking in the fridge!

Of course, in the never ending pit of home ownership, we will at some point want to switch out the (currently white) stove and dishwasher to match.  One thing at a time though.

The other highlight from the weekend was checking out a Pho restaurant that husband and I found up the street from his grandparents' new apartment.  It's called Pho-King Delicious - seriously, how could we NOT eat there?!  The Pho itself wasn't as good as the place near our house, but the egg rolls were pretty pho-king good.  I would go back there for the great name and the egg rolls alone.  

In the meantime, still trying to get over this damn cold/cough thing.  It's keeping me pretty exhausted really.  Hoping you're all able to stay healthy!


  1. Pho king! lol. I love the new fridge, you could fit two bodies in there! Have you tried Garlic Tea Yet! I put how to make it on my blog a couple of weeks ago, it sounds like you need it! Or the Hot Port! Get well wishes :) x

    1. I didn't try the garlic tea yet on account of not having made it to the store to get some garlic. I have another tea that I've been drinking - ground ginger, cayenne pepper, cider vinegar, honey, and lemon. It keeps my coughing/wheezing to a minimum and helps evacuate the nasties from my chest. I haven't had a cold this bad in years though. Not happy!

  2. That fridge looks Pho-King awesome!