Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daily Craft - Crochet hook roll

I have a handful of fabric fat quarters hanging about the house and, as much as I'm enjoying making quilted coasters, figured I'd like to try something new.  Over the years, I've misplaced quite a few of my crochet hooks along with the roll that they were in, so decided to make a new one.  This was a great use for the small-ish fabric pieces, and I just love how the two fabrics look together.  I checked out a variety of tutorials, and made this one using a hybrid of several.  The only thing I did know is that I didn't want the stitching for the inside slots to show on the outside of the roll, as I think it's just neater. 

I'll hopefully have a minute to put together a detailed tutorial for you all soon, as I suspect I'll be making another of these to hold my make-up brushes.  Talk about multi-functional!

What do you look for in a storage case for crochet hooks, knitting needles (or make-up brushes as the case may be)?


  1. That's beautiful! I love it!
    I also use a roll for my knitting needles but I haven't made it myself.

  2. That really is lovely, it has a definite Vera Bradly look. I haven't found a needle/hook roll I'm totally happy with yet.

  3. That's cute! I still need a hookroll for all my hooks, I keep losing them or losing track of which ones I do or do not have, and end up buying more of the same size... (which turned out not too bad, last time, I like my new steel 3 mm hook much better than my old aluminium one!)

  4. The fabric is too cute. I wish I could sew...

  5. Did you do a tutorial? I would LOVE to see it!!!