Friday, February 24, 2012

Daily Art - Foto Friday (Week 7)

Last full week of February already?  I'm almost thankful for the extra day this month, given how quickly the year seems to be moving along.  I have been diligently carrying my gigantic purse around, with gigantic camera in tow.  I hope I'm not giving myself back-ache, although I guess that could be a useful way to get a massage out of husband.  This week I was happy to have gotten out and about a little more with my photos as a result though - even if I started a trend last weekend which involved snapping pictures while sitting in the car (although at least the car was stopped).  I also got a chance to check out the wide-angle lens that I've been coveting (thanks to my friend Holly).  Now I'm really trying to justify a $479 lens purchase.  Photography - a habit that is more expensive than buying yarn.

Sort Of A Selfie on 365 Project How high? on 365 Project It's Magic on 365 Project Union Station on 365 Project Lacking on 365 Project 365 In Action on 365 Project Transformers on 365 Project


  1. Great photos! The colours really pop.

    1. Thanks! I'm loving the photo project - it's really teaching me to try new things. :)