Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daily Ramblings - Our new toy!

I think I mentioned that husband got himself a new job about a month ago.  We're thrilled and I'm much more content knowing that he's enjoying being part of the workforce again.  Of course, the poor guy has a terrible commute.  It's 16 miles but, to put it in perspective, in Los Angeles traffic it actually takes less time for a plane to get to Las Vegas.  Every day, husband's been sitting in stop and go traffic in his old car - we shall call it "The Beast" (as dubbed by my brother).  Other than the fact it still had forward propulsion, that car has few redeeming qualities.  In fact, the broken air-conditioning, the giant crack in the windshield, and the fact that the passenger airbag had deployed (during a 2 mph "accident" a couple of years back), meant it was very much living up to it's name. We knew that a new car was necessary and, seeing as The Beast decided to spring a radiator fluid leak on the way home last Friday, this weekend was the time! 

After several hours this weekend sitting in car dealerships, we are happy welcome our new Kia Optima to the family.  I am by no means a car geek (unless you count my love of BBC's Top Gear), but I'm so impressed by the look of this car and the features that come stock on the base model.  When we started thinking about cars, it has to be said that Kia was never a brand I had even thought of.  In fact, the only thing I knew about Kia is that they let hamsters drive their cars.  I want a hamster that can do that - really, who doesn't?

P.S. - While we are [almost] sad to say farewell to The Beast, we're happy to say that we're going to be donating it so it can finish life contributing to a good cause.  :)

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