Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daily Ramblings - An identity crisis

Not me, the weather in Los Angeles that is.  We had an incredibly mild summer and only a few days here and there that involved the disgustingly hot weather that we usually dread.  Of course, the second it turns to "fall" (as if defining seasons is of any particular relevance in Southern California), the weather totally didn't get the memo about what it was supposed to be doing.  After the hottest day on record in downtown Los Angeles, today I'm driving home in my summer dress (might as well milk it), and I'm greeted by rainbows, thunder, lighting, rain and sunset all at the same time.  It's still 80 something degrees out there.  So, mother nature, what's going on?!

While everybody I know seems to have posted a mobile upload of a rainbow on their Facebook page at the same time, here's a couple of pictures from my front door...


  1. I see that the hot weather we got here in Connecticut during the summer made its way out west, huh? ;-)

    Pretty sky, though.

  2. It really was a crazy day yesterday! We didn't get the lightning in OC, but it felt like it might at any minute.

  3. The whole storm was really brief but it all looked very dramatic!