Friday, September 24, 2010

Daily Dish - Spicy and delicious

Husband and I were looking for a simple shrimp recipe the other night.  We don't usually have a lot of shrimp in the house as it's not the cheapest thing to buy, but there was a decent sale at the grocery store so figured we'd get some for a change.  I came across this recipe, which seemed like it would be tasty (and I'll admit that I have to appreciate any recipe that calls the seasoning "essence").  So, I threw a pack of saffron rice in the pot, and went to work cleaning and peeling the shrimp while the rice cooked.  I tossed some frozen peas and green beans into the rice once it was about cooked, then finished up spending 2 minutes cooking the shrimp.  I love how quick it is to cook shrimp and it's always fascinating to me how they go from a rather unappealing grey to a delightful pink in such a short time.  The whole thing took under a half hour and if the shrimp had been purchased peeled, I would only have needed to be in the actual kitchen for about 5 of those.
I think I'll keep this one bookmarked because it really was good, and the only tweak I would make would be to halve the amount of salt put into the seasoning.  Generally, we don't add a lot of salt - just making sure there's enough to give lots of flavor.  Also, I do not suggest it for anybody that can't handle a little spice as it has a good amount of cayenne pepper.  Husband and I both love to eat spicy and I always have to check if I'm cooking for visitors to tone it down if necessary.  I'm a terrible judge of what is going to be too hot for others to eat, so I tend to err on the side of caution as it's generally not a good plan to kill your guests!

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