Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daily Deuce - A birthday kitty

A message to Deuce...
We believe today is (approximately) your 1st birthday.  When we adopted you, as a tiny little fuzz-ball, I could only have hoped that you'd become such a wonderful addition to our lives.  You're such a sweet, charming, handsome boy and you've got us wrapped around your little paws!
You're as playful now as when we got you as a baby and, for as long as you want us to, we'll always be happy to chase you around the house, fetch your balls from under the couch, or keep getting the brown bags you like from the Chinese place up the street.
It's impossible not to laugh at your ridiculous antics and, even when you're not in the room, we find ourselves imitating your silly "bruuppp" noises, or that grunt you make that sounds suspiciously like "yes".
We're so glad that you like your birthday gifts - try not to chew all the feathers off the activity mat too quickly!  
Also, thanks for wearing the silly birthday hat for just one picture!  We'll try not to humiliate you least until your next birthday!

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