Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daily Travels - A Vegas weekend

Seeing as I was away for a nice 5 day weekend, I've spent all today wondering what day of the week it is anyway.  Surprisingly enough (to me anyway) it's half way through the week and tomorrow is pay-day.  Things could be worse!

Husband and I spent Labor Day weekend in Vegas with his family.  Our nephew had his second birthday party on Saturday, which was quite the success.  We got him some Thomas The Tank Engine mega-bloks, which were a great choice seeing as he spent quite a bit of the day with his new "choo-choo" firmly in hand.  As much as Thomas was a hit, I think Buzz Lightyear might have stolen the show - an interactive and intergalactic space ranger.  Not sure who was more fascinated by it, the toddler or my husband.
Seeing as we've done most of the usual Vegas-y things (i.e. drink too much, gamble a little), we decided to take a trip out to Red Rock Canyon.  Of course, we realized as we were leaving that neither of us had packed anything remotely close to hiking shoes.  Armed with flip flops, we decided to do the 13-mile scenic drive through the canyon, stopping at various vantage points for photos.  There are tons of hiking trails and places to climb around the rocks so we are definitely planning to go back sometime when our feet are better prepared.  For now, here's a handful of shots taken from the various stops we made in the car.

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