Friday, April 23, 2010

Daily Art - Tequila Sunrise

On the heels of my previous post, as promised, here's the first in my Daily Art series, showcasing some of my favorite photographic prints from my portfolio and telling you a little bit about each. 

Tequila Sunrise
Several years ago I was doing my very first wedding photography shoot for a friend.  They were getting married on the beach in Huntington Beach, CA.  She'd asked me to join them the night before so I could check out the location and be at the rehearsal dinner.  As we were walking from the quick rehearsal on the beach to the restaurant for dinner, I was lucky enough to have a moment to snap this shot and capture the beautiful sunset; casting the birds, trees and others enjoying the scene, into silhouette.  I was really hoping that the colors would be as vibrant the following day so that I could perhaps get some amazing sunset shots with the couple after the wedding, but we weren't that lucky.

When I look at this, it seems to be the epitome of a Californian sunset.  A few minutes before, or a few minutes after, and I wouldn't have been able to capture that light and shadows in the same way.  To me that's one of the most wonderful things about photography.  It's a snapshot of a moment in time that will never appear exactly the same way again.

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