Monday, April 5, 2010

Daily Deuce - Scavenger kitty

Yesterday, one of my earrings dropped out and disappeared. It's just one of the hoops that I leave in on a daily basis when I'm being too lazy to pick out a pair of dangles in the morning. I figured it had washed down the drain while I was washing my hair - no big deal, I'd spend the $2 on a new pair.

A couple hours later, I see Deuce running around in the kitchen trying to pick something up in his mouth. This is not unusual as he will sniff/play with/try to eat pretty much anything. I've heard too many horror stories of kitties ending up at the vet having eaten something they shouldn't so I immediately went to retrieve his new "toy", just to find my missing earring under his paw. If we didn't have a scavenger kitty around the house, guaranteed I would never have found it. So, thanks Deuce. Your incessant kitten curiosity is very handy indeed.

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  1. I've had cats most of my adult life. We had one back in NJ (I've lived in 4 states, now, at 70), who hunted paper currency. She'd hide bills all over, never caring about the denomination - it could be a dollar, ten, or even a hundred dollar bill. Needless to say, until we discovered her fetish, and found her "stashing" places, there were a lot of unfounded accuasations against household members, who kept insisting they had NOT stolen the money (LOL).

    Tigger, my current little senior gentleman, loves crocheted coasters, rubber bands, and Halls cough drop wrappers. Go figure.