Friday, April 9, 2010

Daily Gripe - UPDATE! Creme Eggs

As an update to this post, my mission is now complete.  Thankfully, my friend tipped me off on the only place in the whole of LA County that has Creme Eggs left in stock.  On my lunch break today I dutifully drove the 3 miles from my office over to the CVS store with the coveted Easter candy aisle.  Sure enough, there were hundreds of Creme Eggs on the shelves, at 50% off (as is the point of the post-Easter hunt anyway), and in all 3 flavors (orange, caramel and original).  The stash is now sitting in my car and I now I finally feel that I can rest.  Until next year....

1 comment :

  1. Orange? ORANGE?!!? Oh, so adding CVS to our to do list today. SERIOUSLY.