Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daily Art - PhotoGrunt blog feature

For those of you that may not be aware, photography is my art.  I love taking pictures, although I haven't had the time or motivation recently to really get out and about with my camera.  It's something I've been seriously meaning to work on as I'm unhappy with the fact I've not had much to add to my portfolio in a while.  I've also been meaning to work on my portfolio so I can get some more photography gigs to support my camera equipment habit!  (Shameless self-promotion for my website Organic Stills, just in case you know anybody in the Greater Los Angeles area that needs a wedding photog, baby pics, etc.)

Over the years I've sold a handful of prints on Etsy, and it always makes me smile when I think that somewhere out there people are enjoying my art on their walls.  Right now my shop is on hiatus until I can build some new material and craft more inventory in general.  I think I need a direction more than anything.  Today though, having not even looked at my Etsy store in weeks, I got a message from a fellow photographer who noted that he featured one of my shots on his blog - PhotoGrunt.  I guess he went through a bunch of photo listings on Etsy that are about to expire and wanted to feature them, for which I am very appreciative for that last piece of exposure.  Check out his piece here (my photo "Left Behind" is 4th from the bottom).  If you're interested in photography at all, this is a fun blog to check out as he features random photographers from Etsy, which also means that those shots are for sale and could end up adorning your walls!

What this has inspired me to do however, is to feature some of my photography on my blog and give you a little background of where the shots were taken.  It'll be a little insight into my world through the viewfinder.

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