Friday, June 3, 2011

Daily Ramblings - Friday Five

Somebody posted this on a board and I thought it was kind of fun, so here you go.

1 - Is today the end of your work week, or do you have to work this weekend?
I'm a M-F girl!  Always have been and hope that I get to keep it that way.

2 - What fiber(s) do you most enjoy working with?
I love knitting alpaca.  It's like buttah!  I haven't tried spinning with a ton of different fibers, but I'm always partial to a nice smooth merino.

3 - Any special plans for the weekend?
I was thinking about the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA, but it only opened recently and I suspect there will be way too many people there for me to enjoy it.  Have I mentioned that I get seriously anxious when trapped in a room with the general public?

4 - Do you have any pets?
Anybody who has read this blog, or is looking at the header, knows the answer to that one.  To clarify - one furry cat and one furry husband.

5 - Love or hate summer and the heat? 
Love summer seeing as I'm getting out of work early for the weekend, don't love the heat once it gets past 85 degrees.

So, now you know my Friday Five, how about you?!
[Have a great weekend all.]

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