Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daily Ramblings - That's handy!

I hope you all had an enjoyable 3-day weekend.  I would have some pictures to share of the delicious hummus, and honey-wheat bread that we made yesterday, but the app I was using on my phone decided not to save any of them (which I didn't realize until I'd started eating, and half-eaten food isn't all that appetizing in a photo).  Seeing as I have no food photos, here's a photo of Deuce taking a stroll in the courtyard. 

I'd also decided to check out some Memorial Day sales, which I found to be pretty disappointing overall seeing as I returned home pretty much empty-handed.  The one thing that saved the trip to the stores was learning that Michaels can now scan coupons straight off your smartphone!  I have been saying for a while that it would be awesome if stores could do that.  Think of all the paper being saved, and not having to print out coupons that you end up losing somewhere in your purse/car/couch, just to rediscover them two days after they've expired.  The guy at the register simply asked me to enlarge the one that I wanted to use, and scanned it straight off my phone.  Brilliant, I say. 

Considering I use coupons at Joann's more often, I hope that they adopt this policy.  I believe that you can get the coupons sent to your phone but you have to enter your phone number, which many folks are [understandably] wary of.  It would be so much better if they could just scan the coupon straight off the e-mails we receive. 

Do you know of any other stores that are now accepting electronic coupons straight from your phone?

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