Sunday, June 12, 2011

Daily Craft - All done!

One beautiful thing about weaving is that it takes a fraction of the time to make a scarf compared to knitting, or even crochet.  Last night, after only a few hours of actual weaving, I finished up my first scarf on my Cricket loom and made the super cute twisted fringe. Something went slightly wrong with my tension in places as there are slight wiggly spots in the center section of the scarf (between the two blue stripes), and I wonder if that may have been a result of switching from the grey to the blue and back while warping the loom.  Seeing as I used acrylic for the scarf, I decided to steam block it using a damp pressing cloth, which helped straighten it out a little bit at least.  

I'm probably going to pass this along for donation to one of the various charities that we collect for at work as they often request synthetic fibers because they're easy to care for.

I definitely made a few mistakes while working on this scarf, which I'm grateful for as it gives me more knowledge to attack the next project with.  Now I just have to decide what yarns I want to use!


  1. I Love your take on the mistakes you made! Why do more people not understand that mistakes are there to be learned from. :)

    The scarf is cute, and will function well to keep someone warm when they need it. Overall good job!

  2. Thanks Crystal! I figure nobody starts off doing something perfectly and that really is how we learn. I hope somebody who is in need will enjoy this. ;)

  3. I really need to learn how to warp my rigid heddle! I love looking at your weaving. I think it is beautiful.

  4. That is really gorgeous and so quick-- an added bonus!
    Warp my rigid heddle -- perhaps my not ever doing that in my life explains a lot! I shall give that idea the thoughts it deserves!
    Kindest Regards Linda