Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily Ramblings - A weekend away

Please excuse my absence.  Husband and I just got back from a weekend away in Vegas.  The primary goal was to help my brother move into his new digs, which is not fun in 100+ degrees of weather, but at least it was fast and pretty painless.  We had two of the most amazing meals on Friday and Saturday nights - thanks to the fact that my brother works for the Wolfgang Puck group.  I may have eaten the equivalent of a week's worth of food in one shot, but damn it was delicious.  We rounded out the evening on Saturday by going to see Blue Man Group, which was a fun show and we had great seats (courtesy of my brother's boss - thanks Ryan!)  I am feeling thoroughly spoiled and very relaxed. 

Just some of my brother's rather extensive alcohol collection.  He always has been an over-achiever.  :)

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