Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daily Ramblings - A little retro fun

The most recent update of the Camera 360 app on my phone came with a fancy "retro" setting.  What better to test it with than take a picture of something truly retro?

Remember these?  This photo wasn't taken in the 70s but in my living room about 10 minutes ago!

Turns out you can buy a new version, although this is one of those were you just can't beat the original.  Apparently the new one has batteries, but I remember one of my favorite things was turning the crank.  Sometimes I wouldn't turn it enough and the song would stop playing too soon, but I loved winding it up all over again.  I had the British version of this, so the songs are probably different from the one that was available in the U.S. those many years ago - London Bridge, Camptown Races, Edelweiss...

Such a lovely piece of nostalgia and I'm very thankful to my mother for storing it away all these years.  When I  bought it home from England in my carry on luggage, I watched the guy at the x-ray machine stare at it for a while and tap his co-worker to ask an opinion on what it was, before passing it through.  Glad I tend to pack light because it was totally worth it to bring this home.

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  1. Oh, yes. We had one of those, too, in my family.

    In fact, between all seven of us kids, we had just about every toy Fisher-Price made during the 70's and early 80's.

    My favorite was my My Friend Jenny doll who looked just like me (and had my name, too!).