Monday, August 2, 2010

Daily Gripe - It's all good...when it's working properly!

Friday afternoon, I get out of work early and figure that it's the perfect opportunity to do some sewing.  Using some fabric scraps, I've been working on making baby soft blocks, using this tutorial.  I had one down, stuffed, and ready to go.  The other two had all the squares cut and laid out, just needed sewing up.  Somewhere in the middle of the second block, my sewing machine became possessed and started feeding the fabric in reverse.  I checked the reverse button - not stuck, nothing sounds loose.  I turn the machine off and on again, no go.  I finally take off the plate, make sure there's nothing stuck under the bobbin case or anything like that, but still nothing.  In fact, now I've made it worse because now I can't pull up the bobbin thread without it getting stuck and the upper thread breaking!  Gah! 

Of course, this is to be expected on the afternoon when I finally have some time to dedicate to sewing and I end up spending more time breaking a sweat over why the machine is driving me nuts.  Time to call Brother and see what they can tell me...fingers crossed it's an easy fix.


  1. It is frustrations like this that caused my not very patient mother to take her hammer to her sewing machine once upon a time leaving a nice hole in the top of the case. I HATE it when my machine acts up too! I hope it is an easy fix for you so you can get back to sewing quickly. :)

  2. Hahaha - a hammer might be the best "fix it" suggestion I've received so far! I called Brother who immediately referred me to the local repair center. I plan on giving it another whirl later in the week and one more shot at fixing it - then I shall keep the hammer in mind! :)