Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daily Craft - Got my mojo back

I can't tell you how excited I am that I managed to fix my sewing machine and didn't have to take it in for servicing (which was totally against my budget anyway).  Not sure exactly what I did, but husband is taking the credit on the grounds that he was standing there when it started working again.  I suppose this is not dissimilar from calling IT at work because your computer has frozen, but when they arrive it starts working perfectly.

Seeing as the machine is functioning, I was really excited to get back to business and finish off the project that was stalled.  A while back I had made some cushions for my friend Paige's baby's room.  I had some smallish strips of fabric left that were too big to throw out, but too small to make much with.  This set of 3 soft blocks take 18 x 5" squares, which I gathered out of 4 different coordinating fabrics.  Overall, they were pretty quick to make seeing as you can cut and press all the squares at once, then lay them out and get to sewing.  It would have been even quicker if I'd had a rotary cutter, which I am now putting on my wishlist of things to get.  The second I was finished making them, husband grabbed one, realized it was squishy, and threw it at me.  So, while they may be intended for babies and toddlers, they are also big kid approved!

To make it better, in the interests of really using up every scrap of the material that I could, I finished up with this patch work pin cushion.  I think everything turned out nicely and I've already got other projects laid out and ready to go.  I'm a sewing fiend!  It's proof that when you can't do something, you really want to do it more than anything.  In a way I should thank my sewing machine for the hiatus as it seems to have inspired me.


  1. I cannot tell you how excited i am that you got your sewing machine fixed. i don't know what i would do if mine went out of commission while i was in the throws of inspiration.

    i've heard we have to get together and geek out with yarn and soft circuits sometime soon.

    maybe you can make me something fun for the playa?

  2. Hahaha - Brian said you needed something with ears. I can probably arrange that. Send me a message with ideas!

  3. wow, those blocks look really cute, and so does the pin cushion! i really wish i knew how to sew!