Friday, July 23, 2010

Daily Craft - Hard to resist

Seeing as I got out of work early today, I decided to take in my car for it's 60K mile tune-up and while waiting for them to call and tell me it's ready, I decided to steal husband's car and head off to Joann's Fabric.  I figured it was a good way to spend an hour wandering aimlessly.  Also, I had one of those "coupon commotion" flyers they send out once in a while and I certainly can't pass up a good deal!  

Apparently I also can't pass up cute baby flannel prints with cartoon animals either.  Having perused all the aisles, I decided up on these adorable prints and also grabbed some terry cloth.  I anticipate burp cloths and bibs coming off the sewing machine soon.

Speaking of Joann, if you sell on Artfire, you can now become a VIP member which allows you a 10% discount on everything (including sale items).  Not a bad deal if you ask me. Check out this link to enroll!

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