Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daily Travels - Time to recap

It seems like only a couple of days ago that I left for England, but I'm back already!  My trip was a good one and I got to enjoy all the things that I'd been looking forward to, so I think we'll consider it a great success.  :)  Good news is that I'm not really suffering too bad from jetlag, although I've woken up at 4:30am the last two nights for no reason. 

The flight home was probably the most dramatic flight I've ever been on in my 3 decades of flying.  We were delayed leaving Heathrow due to a passenger being removed from the plane last minute (for reasons unknown to me), and shortly after getting up in the air, an elderly gentleman a few rows ahead of me started having medical issues.  Fortunately, there were 2 doctors on board who tried to treat him as best as they could, but it was decided that we needed to stop in Iceland to get him to a hospital.  The worst part being that he was traveling alone, and didn't speak English.  I can't imagine being abandoned at a hospital in a foreign country without being able to communicate well.  I will say that the Virgin Atlantic staff were pretty amazing about the whole thing and I'm confident that they took care of him once we were on the ground.  I guess I can add Iceland to the list of places I've been, even if it was just on the tarmac in the dark!

I'm weeding through a couple hundred photos right now, which I'll be sharing over the course of the next few days. 

My parents have a condo on the river in Manchester's city center.  I wanted to grab a couple shots from the balcony and was greeted by wonderfully stormy skies with a hint of blue.

Meet Bianca (my parents' little princess).  She likes to travel so pretty much goes everywhere with them.

We took an afternoon to head onto the Snake Pass in Derbyshire and promptly found snow.  The conditions up there get pretty treacherous for driving so I was happy the roads were clear, although we were traveling slowly just in case.

We ended our drive at the Ladybower Reservoir, which provides water to several cities in the North.  Unfortunately it was raining so we didn't really get out and walk around, but I was perfecting the art of photography out of the window of a moving car without getting my camera lens too wet!

Next post, I'll be taking you on our trip to North Wales...

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