Monday, September 26, 2011

Daily Ramblings - Vegas baby, Vegas!

If the title of this post wasn't enough, we went to Vegas over the weekend to visit my brother and in-laws.  It was a thoroughly entertaining weekend - some highlights for you!

- The new car has really big side mirrors.  I'm not usually inspired to take photos in the side mirror but I couldn't help it.  We passed under a gigantic dark cloud on the way out, but beautiful blue skies ahead...

- Did you know that the cops in Vegas carry barf bags?  They're bright orange and can be slipped over someone's head, somewhat like a feed bag.  Convenient when the person is handcuffed on the side of The Strip and you're dealing with their unruly girlfriend who is also handcuffed but causing a ruckus.

- We were witness to what seemed like a standard traffic stop...until the crew from "COPS" popped out of the back of the cop car and started filming.  There are no words to describe how awesome it was to see this happen, after years of seeing the show on TV.  I did think about singing the theme song ["Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do...], but suspect that's probably a highly unoriginal response...

- I apparently have a "fish-eye" setting on one of the camera apps on my phone.  I'm not sure if it looks like a fish-eye or if it just looks like a mangled photo of a postcard.

- If you're ever looking for some really good fine dining, go to Postrio at The Venetian.  My brother happens to be the Asst. General Manager there, which means fantastic eating for me!  We got a delicious bottle of wine, plus a 6 course tasting menu - thai shrimp soup, caprese salad, artichoke and goat cheese stuffed tortellini, seared salmon in miso broth, filet mignon with veggies, then an apple tart and cheesecake with fig for desert (below).  You are permitted to be jealous!

All in all, a fantastic weekend with family - albeit very little success at the blackjack tables.  Sometimes it's hard to be back at work after such a fun weekend away!


  1. Thanks for your permission to be jealous :)

  2. Hehehe - one of the best meals I've ever had. I was SO full that when the waiter came to ask if we needed anything else, we told him a wheelbarrow! :)

  3. Duuuude I didn't know COPS was even still on! That's awesome!