Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily Deuce - Happy Birthday Deuce!

It wouldn't be right to forgo wishing Deuce a Happy Birthday today - after all, I named this blog after the little fuzzbutt!
Dear Deuce

Today you turn 2 and I want to wish you a wonderful birthday.  I love how you give me little sniffy kisses every morning when I leave for work, and it makes me smile that your furry face is the first thing I see when I come home.  You constantly amuse me with your antics - even when you have your butt in my face, or you're attacking me with your fists of furry.

You're such a sweet little guy, always checking on us to see what we're doing, and wanting to join in with every activity.  You love to play and enjoy nothing more than being chased around the house until your tail puffs up, chasing your ratty old ball around, wrestling with your mouse, or sunbathing under the dining table.  I love it when you're being chatty and telling me about your day.  I have no idea what you're saying, but I'm sure it's all good stuff!

We're so happy that you're part of our family and wishing you a wonderful year filled with treats and tuna.

Love and ear scratches,

She who feeds you

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