Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daily Craft - Being patient

According to Fed-ex, the birthday gift that I bought myself is somewhere around Pheonix, AZ.  It's supposed to be here on Thursday (which coincidentally is payday, so good things all around).  I'm being patient, I swear, and repeatedly checking the Fed-ex tracking info online doesn't count as stalking. So, what did I order?  In typical fashion, I ordered the tools to yet another craft to distract myself with - a weaving loom!  

I actually purchased a vintage toy loom from eBay a couple of years ago.  It was older than I am and functional, but definitely needed a little work done.  I did weave a scarf on it before shoving it in the cupboard with the best intentions to take the time to deal with the necessary modifications (which I apparently never got around to).  I should add that I was actually really happy with how the scarf looked.  I used 2 yarns that I'd recycled from a sweater and dyed with Kool Aid in complimentary shades.  I was even pretty happy with how my edges looked! 

I have been wanting a better loom to work with as I definitely saw the potential of how much fun I could have; so when I found a great deal on a Schacht Cricket Loom from a Ravelry member, I snapped it up!  It doesn't have a super wide weaving width (10") but that's pretty perfect for me so it doesn't take up too much space. 

While patiently waiting for the arrival of my new toy, I shall sit and dream of scarves, bags, pretty blankets from well designed panels, and oh so much more.  Is it Thursday yet?

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