Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daily Craft - Grin and bear it!

Excuse the super-cheesy title of this post.  Sometimes I just can't help myself.

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased some yarn from a lovely lady who was offloading some stash on behalf of a family member.  She had several balls of Berrocco Chinchilla, which screamed "stuffed animal!" at me the second I saw it...ok, so it didn't literally scream it (because that would be seriously freaky), but if you were to feel this yarn, you'd know exactly what I'm talking about.  Now that I've used it, I'm actually incredibly sad that the yarn is discontinued because for the purposes of making cute little teddy bears like this guy, it's pretty much perfect.

I've not made a ton of stuffed animals before, a couple of amigurumi pieces for a friend's baby shower aside, so I was thrilled to finish this bear (even if he did sit in a bag with only one eye-ball for a week).  It's impossible to see your stitches when knitting with this yarn, so it definitely required going slowly so as not to make any mistakes.  I also had a good time at Joann's trying to find the buttons that most look like eyes and nose.  It has to be said that I'm really happy with the end result and, without closely inspecting him, you'd never know he was knit.

The good news is that I have enough of the Chinchilla yarn, in a few different shades of brown, to make another 4 or 5 of these bears.  I'll have a whole family of them by the time I'm done!  Any suggestions for a name?


  1. Adorable, and for some reason he looks like a Barry to me. I just found a great source for safety eyes for stuffed creatures myself, 6060 on etsy has a great selection. Looking forward to seeing some more fun stuffed critters!

  2. A very cute bear. His name is Bingo.

  3. That bear is sooooooo cute! I must make one- what's the pattern?

    Oh, I know how soft Chinchilla is- this bear must be so touchable and snuggle-able.