Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily Ramblings - Decisions, Decisions

Last time I upgraded my cell phone, I went from the old talk and text variety to a Blackberry.  I was pretty convinced at the time that I didn't even need anything that fancy, but on the Verizon family plan it made sense for me to get the data pack considering my husband needed it.  The guy at the Verizon store was trying to help me pick out a phone and very nicely asked me what I needed it to do.  The only response I had at the time was "Uh, ring?"

Now that I'm 10 days away from an upgrade though, I'm really excited about the concept of upgrading to a Droid - being able to surf websites properly, play Angry Birds, take decent photos for mobile upload (because let's face it the Blackberry camera sucks).  I even had a weird dream a couple of weeks ago that Droids don't have all the cool photo apps that exist for iPhone and it freaked me out enough that when I woke up, I actually had to go look!  Good news is that there are indeed photo apps for Droid and my subconscious was getting unruly. 

The problem now is that I need to decide which Droid phone to get.  Do I want to go the more basic route - like the Droid Incredible, or aim for something more fancy, like the Droid Global?  The Incredible has the better camera, but the Global has the slide out keyboard (which is a positive because I'm not sure how quickly I'll get used to the on-screen keyboard).  Either way, I'm thrilled to know that there is a Blogger app, which will hopefully allow me to update more regularly during those busy weeks when I feel like I'm being a slacker.

Do you have a Droid?  Any opinions for somebody not phone addicted but ready to take the next step?


  1. I got a Droid (Samsung continuum ) in January - love it. The on screen keyboard isn't bad at all, the apps are great and both internet and camera are perfect. Love it!!!

  2. Get an iPhone!

    Those are my two bits.

  3. Sadly, I don't feel like getting on the waiting list for the Verizon iPhone - too impatient. :)