Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily Craft - Shiny things

Where have I been you ask?  I was well and truly hit by my first cold of 2011.  Urgh!  It never really settled in my face (which I appreciate because there's nothing less attractive than looking like a puffy sniveling mess for days on end) but decided to inhabit my chest instead (as if coughing like a walrus is much better).  With it being husband's birthday this week, my primary goal was to not get him sick, seeing as that would have been a horrible birthday gift.

What I did manage to do, while recuperating in the house, is a bunch of crafty business!  I borrowed a couple of quilting books from the library last week, one of which was Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts.  I decided to give the coasters from the book a shot with some random fabric laying about from one of my thrift store hauls.  These are so quick and easy to do and a perfect way to stash bust / make quick and easy gifts.  I think I'll be making many more of these.

Yesterday, in an attempt to get out of the house for a little bit, I went off to investigate a local Indian Grocery store ( for which a Daily Dish feature may well appear shortly...)  On the way back, I decided to check out the Michael's sale and snatched up a ton of jewelry supplies on sale and clearance.  I am now a fan of a couple of newly discovered component lines - Blue Moon "Orient Express", and Plaid's "Forged".  I just love some of the things that these lines offer and will definitely be buying more.  I'm a total earring addict so that's always my first thought when deciding to make jewelry.  Here are my efforts from last night with my new purchases.

Have you tried either of those component brands?  Would love to hear your opinions.  Also, which of the earrings are you favorite?


  1. I've used the Blue Moon beads for stitchmarkers and have really liked them.

    As far as the earrings you've made, I like them all but I really like the first ones the most.

  2. No experience with those brands, but I definitely like the first pair of earrings the best. I love a little sparkle!

  3. The first pair are the winners so far! Thanks for the opinions. I have a bunch more of the metal connectors that I used to make the first pair, so will be experimenting more there. :)

    I really like the line as something a little different from the more regular shiny stuff that I've always bought in the past. It's got that slightly more "urban chic" appeal.

  4. Wow, those earrings are lovely! I'm only a knitter, so jewelry-making is pretty incredible to me. The first ones are pretty, but the second ones are definitely more my style. :)

  5. Love the earrings -- I have seen those component pieces at the craft store but can never narrow it down and choose some!

  6. The earrings are beautiful! I don't know a thing about jewelry components, but my favorite pair is your first pair. Also, your coasters are lovely! I enjoyed poking around your blog after seeing your post on Ravelry.