Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily Art - A Pacific sunset

The last 6 weeks have been pretty crazy between the holidays and my parents visiting from England. My parents were dropped off at the airport yesterday to return home and I'm once again faced with a long time between visits.

On Sunday, my parents and I took a little drive to Santa Monica, where we were lucky enough to make it in time for the most beautiful sunset. So, as the sun set on their trip, the sun also set across the ocean, and I was happy to realize that I had my little point and shoot in my purse to capture this.  Amazing how so much beauty and color can fill just a few minutes every day.  It's like a paint brush was swept across the sky.

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  1. My dad and one of my sisters lives in the U.K., too, so I feel for you with having family scattered all over the place. Those pictures are gorgeous, I live in New York and I haven't seen a sunset like that in months!