Monday, October 11, 2010

Daily Ramblings - Oktoberfest!

For several years now, husband and I have been planning to go to Oktoberfest, held at Alpine Village.  Several of our friends have been going for a few years now and this weekend we finally made it.  Think gigantic tent, a ton of folk, an Oompah band, singing and swinging of beer steins.  It's about the only place where I'll accept doing the chicken dance more than once in an evening...or should I say doing the chicken dance at all.
2010 happens to be the bicentennial celebration of Oktoberfest.  It began in Munich in 1810 at the wedding of the Bavarian Prince.  Now, that's one way to celebrate an anniversary every year!  I'm not sure what the history is surrounding the chicken theme but these chickens look like they're having a good time!
Beer drinker or not, it's certainly a fun celebration and a good way to spend time with friends...but don't forget the designated driver, or at least money for a cab!

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