Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daily Ramblings - Weekend shenanigans

The last 5 days have been a whirlwind.  I'm going to post this now and add photos later (once I have a chance to go home and actually get them off my camera!)  Here's the cliff notes of my weekend.

Edit on May 6 to add photos y'all!

THURSDAY- We had the farewell party for my boss, who is taking off to a fancy-schmanzy law firm and abandoning me.  Sniff.  Ok, I'm actually very happy for him but I will miss him.  If you'd asked me 9 years ago when I first met him if I ever thought I might actually miss him, I would have told you no.  In fact, I think I said that to him the other day.  :)

FRIDAY - Firstly, my girl Holly had her baby boy Friday morning.  Their little family is doing great and the baby's first outfit involved a Star Wars t-shirt.  Obviously, they're on top of their game!

Hopped in the car and drove off to Vegas for a bachelorette celebration (and my birthday weekend!)  Might I suggest trying the buffet at Mandalay Bay.  Us girls were supposed to be meeting the bachelor party there for dinner and, after the bride had a "bra emergency" requiring a trip to Victoria's Secret in the Caesar's Forum Shops, we arrived an hour late.  By this time, it was only a half hour before the buffet closed.  I definitely recommend giving yourself a little more time to spare because there's far too much good stuff to eat in that short period of time, you'll eat too fast, and you will give yourself a stomach ache.  Ask me how I know.  We then took off to "Vanity" (which is the club at the Hard Rock).  If terrible top-40s music circa 2003 and a bunch of people living up to the name of the club are your thing, then you should go here for sure! 

SATURDAY - It was my birthday!!  Happy 31 to me.  As a wise man once told me "too young to die, never too young to rock".

Spent time with the family and got to see my adorable nephew Ethan.  He's about 20 months now and about as cute as can be.  We don't see him all that frequently so it's always a surprise to see how much he's grown, how much more he's talking and watch him turn into a gorgeous little boy.

Played a little pre-Thunder skee-ball.  Epic skee-ball fail i think.

That evening, we headed out to the Thunder From Down Under show at the Excalibur casino.  It was entertaining enough, and the guys definitely have certain...um...talents.  Personally, I think if the music selection hadn't been as good as it was, I would have been very disappointed though.  I used the opportunity to drink quite a bit of vodka tonic and by the time we left, I certainly had a slightly fuzzy feeling.  After quite randomly spending a little time hanging out with Floyd Mayweather's cousin and his friends at a bar (who were in Vegas for the fight this weekend), we wound up at our final destination - the beautiful and brand spankin' new hotel Aria.
Speaking of epic fails, what the hell is up with this door? 
(Thanks husband for finding this one - it's a winner!)

So, it's now Tuesday and it has to be said I think I might still be recovering a little bit - I'm tired!  I'm not much for staying out all night drinking anymore and you're more likely to find me on the couch in my PJs.  That being said, I did have a blast and it certainly wasn't a bad weekend for celebrations.


  1. Thunder from Down Under! Teehee! I'm a little jealous.

  2. Eh, don't be too jealous. They're good looking guys and very adept at spinning on their heads and various gymnastic feats. The problem is that they kept their pants on far too much. ;) Hehe.