Monday, May 24, 2010

Daily Review - Ped Egg

Over the course of the weekend, I thought of about 6 things that I wanted to blog about, but wasn't able to get to any of them.  I also have to either take pictures at home, or get pictures already taken off my camera at home.  For now, I'll write about the one thing that you probably don't need to see pictures of!

If any of you are like me, and I suspect you are, you wonder about those "as seen on TV" products and which of them actually work.  The one that has me the most curious is the Ped Egg, on account of the fact that my heels get ridiculously dry.  Pumice stones have never quite done enough and quite frankly, nobody wants to velcro themselves to the bed sheets with their rough heels!  In my attempt to find a suitable solution as we head into summer, I decided to read some online reviews as to whether the Ped Egg works.  I was truly quite surprised to find an overwhelming positive response, so off I went to CVS to buy one.  Saturday afternoon, I settled down to give my heels a much needed overhaul.  While my feet certainly aren't perfect, I can officially say that the Ped Egg does work and with a few more treatments, my heels should be sandal ready!

In review:
  • Ease of use - This is a simple and comfortable design to use.  The egg is comfortable to hold and very lightweight.  I know some online reviewers had mentioned that the little cup doesn't catch everything as easily as the commercial says, so I tried to make sure that I didn't flip the Ped Egg sideways or upside down.  I think the hardest part may have been trying to keep my foot in a position where the Ped Egg stayed with the cup directly underneath to catch all the shavings, which it actually did.  It's quite fascinating to pop off the blade from the cup that catches the filings and see the little pile of shavings.  Husband happened to walk into the room as I was doing this and gave me the "ewwww, that's nasty" look, but I found it strangely entertaining.
  • Effectiveness - I was able to remove most of the hard and calloused parts of my heel very quickly (perhaps 3 or 4 minutes on each foot).  The instructions warn to stop and check your progress constantly so that you don't get too over-zealous and end up causing foot pain, so I would stop and run my hand over my foot to check how things were looking.  I was happy with how effective the blade is and I found that I didn't need to use too much pressure for it to do the job.  I think the way the blade is designed means that the end result is smoother than other methods I have tried.
  • Price - After using my CVS bucks, I paid $6 for mine.  I know I've seen them at Walgreens, Bed Bath & Beyond (where you could use a 20% off coupon), and various online merchants.  It seems that people warn not to buy directly from the infomercial on account of some shady business with random credit card charges.  The fact it's so easily available elsewhere means that I won't worry much about that.  A refill pack of 3 blades seems to range in price from $5-$10.  I don't consider this to be very expensive and it's certainly cheaper than having to go out for a pedicure.  
Overall, I'm happy with the results that I got from the Ped Egg.  After the single use, I've already got a lot more "feeling" back where the hardened/dead skin has been removed.  I anticipate that the initial uses will take care of getting my feet into a really nice state.  From there, it's more a question of making sure I moisturize, combined with using the Ped Egg for maintenance.

Have you used this product?  I'd love to know if it's worked for you!


  1. I've been wanting to try this too. . . now I know I should!