Friday, December 10, 2010

Daily Ramblings - Shaping up for the holidays

I wonder... Chanukah has already passed.  One blink and it was gone
...if the 9 remaining work days until my break between Christmas and New Year will be the longest 9 days of my life
...if I will need to use my holiday money to buy new pants due to eating all the holiday tasties
...whether the new and very plastic tree ornaments will indeed stand up to the cat
...if I will ever figure out what to get husband for our anniversary (the downside to getting married right in the middle of the holidays)
...if I have something suitable in my closet to wear to my work Christmas party
...if I'll get my nephew's gift made in time to ship
...if my brother's gift will arrive in time to deliver
...if I'll finish my sample knitting this weekend
...if we're doing Christmas dinner at my house or my brother's everybody else's December is shaping up!
    'Tis the season and I'm feeling totally unprepared.  How about you?  ;)


    1. Growing up, we had cats. My mom would have to anchor the top of the Christmas tree to the ceiling or else the cat would try to climb the tree and knock it over. Fishing line could be your new best friend. ;-)

    2. I totally agree with feeling unprepared bit! I keep remembering people who I have failed to prepare a Christmas gift for so am madly trying to get something done for them too. Best of luck with getting all your projects done!