Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daily Travels - CA to AZ and back again

This weekend, I enjoyed a long weekend away in Arizona visiting friends and attending a wedding.  Husband and I have a couple different sets of friends out there so figured it was a great excuse for a road trip to visit!
We left for Phoenix on Friday morning, drove through 300+ miles of "scenery" (that basically looks like this picture the entire time), and a brisk 7 hours later, we arrived in the armpit of hell.  You know there's something unhealthy going on when the weather goes up a degree every 10 miles you get further into Arizona!  Sure enough, it was about 109 degrees when we finally arrived at our friend's house and not a half hour later it was time to hop in the pool.  It's pretty strange to get in a pool that's nearly 90 degrees and have it feel cold because it's just that much cooler than the air.  Anyway, enough about the weather...

Saturday we spent more time in the pool where I worked nicely on my tan and tried to teach my friend's 1 year old daughter to swim.  I also discovered that there's a talent to being able to stand on top of a water noodle while drinking a beer!  It's really easy to spend hours in the pool just floating around while attempting to avoid the heat blazing down from above.  (Sorry, talking about the weather again).  The wedding itself was on Sunday, where we all got nice and dressed up then headed out for a night of good times with some of our best friends.
It's amazing how refreshing a weekend away doing nothing in particular can be.  I'm thrilled we had the opportunity to spend times with friends who are close to our hearts but not so close in distance.  Thanks to them for allowing us to invade their home (and pool!)  As you can tell, I may not exactly be in love with Phoenix -- yes, yes, on account of the weather and, of course, the lack of grass -- but I'm hoping we can find another time to visit our friends again sometime soon.  That quality time makes it all worth it.


  1. Standing on top of a pool noodle is talent but while drinking a beer makes it a super talent. lol

  2. Haha, thanks. Husband didn't think I could do it...but he was wrong! :)