Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Daily Ramblings - My week in a few words

Well, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder...

I've missed having an opportunity to pop on here in the last few days and say hi to all of you so here's a quick recap.

- I'm now getting out of work early on Fridays for the summer.  This lasts through Labor Day and is a wonderful thing put in place by my office.  Husband and I used the extra time last Friday to run errands, including a trip to Petco seeing as we had coupons for the Nutro Max food (which is what we're planning on switching Deuce to once he's into adult food).  We also picked up a selection of different wet foods for him to try seeing as he's been a little picky on his usual brand recently.  Apparently he likes the chunked variety so while Fancy Feast isn't my cat food of choice, if that's what he'll eat, it's better than nothing.  We're probably going to supplement with some raw chicken, kidney, liver etc. (mmmmm....offal!)

- The weekend was a great one for hanging out with good friends.  Saturday night we had an impromptu BBQ at a friend's house and got to play with their little girl, Hailey.  She's an adorable 14 months old and full of smiles.  We had picked up some lamb chops on sale at a local butcher for $4.99/lb (quite the steal) which went wonderfully with the pork ribs, corn and potato salad.  Sunday, we spend the day at a much bigger BBQ with more friends.  Husband and I have our own sangria recipe, which we made for everybody to enjoy, and it was awesome!  

- Things took a turn for the worst very early Sunday morning.  We'd both fallen asleep on the couch and I woke up to the cat making biscuits on my stomach.  It was that moment that I realized that my stomach wasn't feeling so good (nothing to do with the cat though) and was immediately struck with all of the effects that accompany a nasty stomach virus.  Thanks to my husband for tying back my hair, making me soup, going to the store to get me yogurt and letting me sleep on the couch for about 20 hours straight while in recovery.  He's a keeper.

I have a couple of crafty things that arrived in the mail yesterday that I have to take pictures of and share with you later, but in the meantime, it's back to the daily grind for me.

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