Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daily Craft - and so it begins...

Ever since finding out my preggo status, I've been wanting to get started on making a million things for baby.  I even resigned my position as a sample knitter for Plymouth Yarns, knowing that I'd much rather be making stuff for my own little one, as wonderful as it's been to be knitting for them the last couple years.

I still won't know gender for a few weeks at least, so decided to opt for something delightfully gender neutral to begin Peanut's clothing stash and made this Noggin hat.  The advantages to making tiny things for little babies as that they really come together quickly.  I think this took half a skein of Lion Brand Wool-ease, and just over 2 hours to finish.  

I can't wait until I have an actual baby head to put it on, rather than a kitchen bowl.  :)

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