Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Daily Craft - A small project to start

While I'm trying to ease back into regular life after all the March madness (and I'm not talking basketball), I finally got around to making something this weekend.  Granted it was small and really didn't take long, but it felt good to sit back at the sewing machine and actually create.  Ah creation, how I have missed you.

The item in question is a door muffler, requested by my sister-in-law for the youngest nephew's nursery.  Husband took one look at it and demanded to know what the hell it does.  The concept is that this little padded piece of fabric ties onto the doorhandles, preventing the latch from clicking.  I tested it, and it does indeed work - plus it's cute and decorative.  Once I figured out the order of the fabric sandwich (which is always the hard part for me), it was quick to make - plus it's a great scrap buster!  I may consider this something to include with baby shower gifts in the future. 

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