Monday, March 5, 2012

Daily Ramblings - So neglectful!

I really do feel like I've been horribly neglectful of my blog readers recently.  2012 has proven to be positive in many ways, but it certainly hasn't given me an over-abundance of time.  It's times like these that I'm glad I decided not to set myself a ton of new year resolutions - I blinked and it's March, and I've done a lot but strangely feel like I've not accomplished enough!

A quick rundown of the highlights from last week.  I finally started posting some new jewelry items in my shop.  For example, I found these donut beads a while back and immediately knew I wanted to present them with cord.  I really like how they turned out, and each bead is so unique!  I also changed the backgrounds for my jewelry photography.  The plain white wasn't highlighting the pieces in the way I wanted to show them, so found a really cool pack of metallic scrapbooking papers to use instead.  I also got another order of beads and findings from, which I hope to start working with soon.  I see stitch markers being available some time in the future.

I missed Foto Friday again, but I've still been keeping up with my photography project. Here's a couple of my personal favorites from last week.

Nuns & Penguins on 365 Project
From the brilliant (if not slightly deranged) mind of my co-worker, Randy. 
He makes amazing rock sculptures, which I just had to photograph and share!
Memories on 365 Project
A photo from a poetry book I had at my parents' house. 
I think the illustrations are beautiful and hope to pass this down to my own kids some day.

Then, this weekend, I did an engagement photo shoot for some friends of mine - Marcy & Kent. Marcy rides horses, so we decided to go with a horse themed shoot, and spent the afternoon at Sullivan Canyon - one of L.A.'s little secret spots with beautiful trails to walk and check out the houses of the rich and (potentially) famous.  Then it was off to Santa Monica to catch the last few minutes of sunlight before the sun set on the horizon. We were lucky to have such a beautiful SoCal day. If anything, there may have been a little TOO much sun on occasion, if that's even possible! You can check out the entire set of photos here.

I have so many things that I want to get started on, and I'll find the time at some point (I hope). How has your 2012 been so far? Don't forget to take time to breathe!


  1. I love those bead necklaces, and I think you're right about presenting them with the cord. Simple, but very effective.

    I love the penguin/nun Geode as well. Nice composition. The engagement shoot is lovely, I think that you caught the wind-in-hair moment just perfectly. Well done!

    1. Thank you! It has to be said, my nun/penguin geode is one of my favorites (I have 7 rock sculptures in total). The geode was originally my husband's, and now has embellishments. :)

  2. I also love the bead necklaces - you make lovely stuff! I am new at blogging so I enjoy looking at everyone's blog - it inspires me to make mine more exciting. I live a pretty quiet life - work, knit and ravelry!

    Yours was very nice to read!

  3. I want one of those chair-on-ski things from the poetry book!

    1. Me too! Especially if it comes with people to push me around in it. :)

  4. Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit.