Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daily Craft - Yarnbombing FTW!

Somebody on Ravelry posted a link to this today and it was just too good not to share.  Not sure if any of you are familiar with the concept of "yarn bombing".  It's essentially a crafty twist on graffiti and street art.  Instead of the medium being paint or chalk, yarn bombing involves wrapping knit pieces onto public items - trees, railings, benches, statues etc. 

Of everything I've seen so far though, this Olympic themed yarn bombing that's just popped up in the U.K. really takes the gold medal!  This piece is 150 ft long and represents the various Olympic sports, each with their own knit athlete.  The sheer detail that has gone into this is quite incredible, and even more amazing is that it was left there anonymously!  I know it takes me a couple of weeks to find the time to finish up a 5ft scarf, so either this was one incredibly talented and dedicated individual, or there is some kind of knitter conspiracy that I would love to know about! 

I highly recommend checking out the full article for more detailed photographs.  I hope they find a way to preserve this so it can be enjoyed by many for years after the London Olympics have come and gone.

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  1. Amazing, thank you for sharing this! I love it when you see a good piece of yarn bombing - this is some effort! :)