Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily Ramblings - Painting...check!

Here's a preview of the nursery, freshly painted in shades of blue!   We love the clean look of the blue with the white trim and the crib/dresser combo is going to be white as well.  We're still deciding on whether to get wall decals, but in the meantime I'm finally getting my Looney Tunes animation cels framed, which are going to look great against this backdrop.  I just love the darker blue that we're using for the accent wall.  I've actually been trying to figure out if there's another wall in the house that I can paint that color because it's gorgous (and we have a ton of paint left over). 

For any fellow preggos out there looking for a good paint - we used Behr Premium Plus (available at Home Depot), which ranks really well as far as low-VOC interior paints go.  I was able to help with the painting without worrying too much about fumes.  With an open window, the smell was pretty minimal.  Another handy tip, which I wish I'd realized earlier, is that Dollar Tree has a very decent selection of painting supplies.  I'll definitely be keeping that in mind for any future painting endeavors.  

Next step is the new carpet.  We picked it out and we're just waiting for delivery and installation.  The carpet we have now is beyond help and we were planning on getting it replaced at some point anyway, which would also serve to fix the annoyingly squeaky floorboards.  It'll be another couple of weeks before it arrives, and I can't wait!  Now that I know it's on it's way, the current carpet just annoys the crap out of me.  

Meanwhile, I convinced husband that we must have this hot air balloon mobile hanging in the room so used the 20% off everything coupon at Joann's to pick up the felt today.  More on that soon...  Can you tell I'm in full nesting mode?  ;)

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