Friday, June 15, 2012

Daily Craft - 4 onesies in 4 minutes

A couple of years ago, I received some iron-on owl appliques in a swap.  Back then, before child was even considered, I thought they'd be super cute on onesies.  I even bought some onesies thinking I could make them for a baby shower gift or something...and then promptly forgot about it.  Fortunately, I found everything last weekend while organizing all my craft supplies, and it took me approximately one minute per onesie to make these.  I think the total cost is less than $5 too, which makes me want to find more cool iron-ons to make more with.

Gotta love the bright colors on Peanut's new playmat too - a super cute hand-me-down from our nephews.  I'm sure these are the first of many photos with that as a backdrop!   

 Meanwhile, my other accomplishment this week was happily donating over 10lbs of yarn to various knitters and crocheters who make things for charity.  It feels great to make the space, but also know that the yarn is going to worthy folk who will create wonderful things for those in need.  I'm definitely feeling like I'm nearing the end of my organization endeavors and quite proud of how much room I've created.  Based on the various hand-me-downs I've received in the last week alone, the need for storage capacity will be dire soon enough!

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